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receive pronunciación (received , receiving )
verb , chiefly transitive
1 to get, be given or accept (something offered, sent, etc).
2 to experience, undergo or suffer receive injuries .
3 to give attention to or consider something receive a petition .
4 to learn of or be informed of something receive word of their arrival .
5 to react to something in a specified way The film was badly received .
6 to admit or accept (an idea, principle, etc) as true.
7 to be awarded (an honour, etc) receive the OBE .
8 to support or bear the weight of something.
9 tr & intr to be at home to (guests or visitors).
10 to welcome or greet (guests), especially formally They were received in the vestibule .
11 to permit someone to become part of a particular body or group, or to take up a certain position be received into the priesthood .
12 tr & intr , tennis , badminton to be the player who returns (the opposing player's service).
13 tr & intr , Christianity to participate in communion.
14 tr & intr , chiefly Brit to buy or deal in (goods one knows are stolen).
15 to change (radio or television signals) into sounds or pictures.
[13c: from French receivre , from Latin recipere , from + capere to take]
receivability or receivableness noun .
receivable adjective .
received adjective generally accepted received wisdom .
receiving noun , adjective .

Received Pronunciation
noun (abbreviation RP) the particular form of spoken British English (essentially an educated Southern English pronunciation) which is regarded by many as being the least regionally limited, the most socially acceptable and the most -standard-. See also Standard English.

Received Pronunciation Of all the accents of English, Received Pronunciation or RP has come to be regarded as having most prestige, with its associations of respectable social standing and good education. Although it can be found anywhere in the English-speaking community, RP is often associated with the south-east of England. This is where it developed in the late Middle Ages; it was (and perhaps still is) London that attracted most people seeking social advancement, and they adopted the accent they found there. With the flourishing of Public Schools and the British Empire in the nineteenth century, RP rapidly became the accent of authority and power, and its pre-eminence was consolidated when it was adopted by the BBC at the birth of radio broadcasting in the 1920s. Still the most widely used accent today in the legal profession, in Parliament, and in other national institutions, as well as being the model for the teaching of English as a foreign language, RP is, in educated society generally, nevertheless losing some of its ground to regionally modified speech, perhaps because of RP's traditional association with conservative values. Although regional accents are still stigmatized in some quarters (a few BBC announcers with regionally modified accents still receive hate mail), increasing interest in and acceptance of all accents of the English-speaking community are surely to be welcomed.

Received Standard English or Received English
noun the form of English generally spoken by educated British people and regarded as the standard of the language.

receiver pronunciación
1 someone or something that receives.
2 an officer who receives taxes.
3 (in full official receiver) a person appointed by a court to manage property under litigation, or to take control of the business of someone who has gone bankrupt or who is certified insane.
4 the part of a telephone which is held to the ear.
5 the equipment in a telephone, radio or television that changes signals into sounds and pictures, or both.
6 a receiving-set.
7 chiefly Brit a person who receives stolen goods.
8 chem a container for receiving the products of distillation or for holding gases.

1 (usu in receivership) the status of a business that is under the control of an official receiver.
2 the office of receiver.

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