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reason pronunciación
1 a justification or motive for an action, belief, etc.
2 an underlying explanation or cause.
3 the power of the mind to think, form opinions and judgements, reach logical conclusions, etc.
4 sanity; sound mind lose your reason .
verb (reasoned , reasoning )
1 intr to use one's mind to form opinions and judgements, reach logical conclusions, deduce, etc.
2 intr (usu reason with someone) to try to persuade them by means of reasonable or sensible argument.
3 (usu reason something out) to think it through or set it out logically.
[13c: from French reisun , from Latin ratio reckoning, from reri , ratus to think]
by reason of something because of it; as a consequence of it.
it stands to reason it is obvious or logical.
listen to reason to be persuaded to act in a reasonable or sensible way.
within reason in moderation; within the limits of what is sensible or possible.

reason Expressions like the reason?, the reason why?, one reason ( why) ?, etc, are followed by that or because . Some more prescriptively minded people prefer that ; but because is at least as common: The reason why the victim bought a stolen car was because he thought the accused was authorized to sell it. The reason they do that is of course that they would like you to keep coming back.

reasonable pronunciación
1 sensible; rational; showing reason or good judgement.
2 willing to listen to reason or argument.
3 in accordance with reason.
4 fair or just; moderate; not extreme or excessive a reasonable price .
5 satisfactory or equal to what one might expect.
reasonableness noun .
reasonably adverb .

reasoned pronunciación
adjective well thought out or argued.

reasoning pronunciación
1 the forming of judgements or opinions using reason or careful argument.
2 the act or process of deducing logically from evidence.
3 the opinions or judgements formed, or deductions made, in this way.

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