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real pronunciación 1
1 actually or physically existing; not imaginary.
2 actual; true the real reason .
3 not imitation; genuine; authentic real leather .
4 a great, important or serious;
b deserving to be so called a real problem .
5 law consisting of or relating to immoveable property, such as land and houses. See also real property.
6 said of income, etc: measured in terms of its buying power rather than its nominal value in real terms .
7 maths involving or containing only real numbers.
adverb , N Am, Scot really; very real nice .
[15c: from French réel , from Latin realis , from res thing]
reality and really see separate entries.
realness noun .
for real slang in reality; serious; seriously.
get real! orig N Am slang, usu interjection be realistic!

real pronunciación 2
noun (reals or reales ) hist a small silver Spanish or Spanish-American coin.
[17c: Spanish, from Latin regalis royal]

real pronunciación 3
noun (reals or reais ) the standard unit of currency of Brazil, equal to 100 centavos.
[16c: Portuguese, from Latin regalis royal]

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