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read pronunciación
verb (read , reading )
1 to look at and understand (printed or written words).
2 to speak (words which are printed or written).
3 to learn or gain knowledge of something by reading read the election results in the newspaper .
4 intr to pass one's leisure time reading books, especially for pleasure She doesn't read much .
5 to look at or be able to see something and get information from it cannot read the clock without my glasses .
6 to interpret or understand the meaning of something other than writing, eg a map, a compass, the clouds, etc.
7 to interpret or understand (signs, marks, etc) without using one's eyes read Braille .
8 to know (a language) well enough to be able to understand something written in it speaks Chinese but cannot read it .
9 intr to have a certain wording The letter reads as follows .
10 tr & intr to think that (a statement, etc) has a particular meaning read it as criticism .
11 intr said of writing: to convey meaning in a specified way an essay which reads well reads badly .
12 said of a dial, instrument, etc: to show a particular measurement The barometer reads -fair- .
13 to replace (a word, phrase, etc) by another for -three- read -four- .
14 to put into a specified condition by reading She read the child to sleep .
15 to study (a subject) at university.
16 to hear and understand, especially when using two-way radio Do you read me?
17 comput to retrieve (data) from a storage device.
1 a period or act of reading.
2 a book, magazine, etc considered in terms of how readable it is a good read .
[Anglo-Saxon rædan ]
read between the lines to perceive a meaning which is implied but not stated.
read someone's mind to guess accurately what they are thinking.
take something as read to accept or assume it.
well or widely read educated, especially in literature, through reading.
read something in or out comput to transfer data from a disk or other storage device into the main memory of a computer.
read something into something to find in a person's writing, words, actions, etc (a meaning which is not stated clearly or made obvious and which may not have been intended).
read something out to read it aloud.
read up on something to learn a subject by reading books about it.

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