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react pronunciación
verb (reacted , reacting )
1 intr
a (chiefly react to something or someone) to act in response to something said or done, or to another person;
b loosely to act or behave.
2 intr (usu react against something)
a to respond to it in a way which shows dislike or disapproval;
b to act in a contrary or opposing way.
3 intr , physics to exert an equal force in the opposite direction.
4 tr & intr , chem to undergo or cause to undergo chemical change produced by a reagent.
5 intr , stock exchange said of share prices: to fall sharply after a rise.
[17c: from Latin reagere , reactum , from agere to do or act]

noun , elec the component of impedance deriving from an inductor or capacitor.

noun , chem a substance which takes part in a chemical reaction.

reaction pronunciación
1 a response to stimulus.
2 an action or change in the opposite direction.
3 a complete change of opinions, feelings, etc to the opposite of what they were.
4 a response which shows how someone feels or thinks about something What was his reaction to the news?
5 opposition to change, especially political change, reform, etc, and a tendency to revert to a former system, or state of affairs.
6 physiol a physical or mental effect caused by eg a drug, medicines, etc.
7 chem
a a chemical process in which the electrons surrounding the nuclei in the atoms of one or more elements or compounds react to form one or more new compounds or products;
b chemical change.
8 physics a change in an atomic nucleus, eg radioactive decay, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion.
9 physics the force offered by a body that is equal in magnitude but opposite in direction to the force applied to it.
10 stock exchange a sharp fall in share prices, etc, after a rise.
[17c: from react]
reactional adjective .

reactionary pronunciación or reactionist
adjective said of a person or policies: relating to or characterized by reaction, especially against radical social or political change, reform, etc, and in favour of reverting to a former system or state of affairs.
noun (reactionaries or reactionists ) someone who holds such political or social views.
[Mid 19c]
reactionism noun .

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