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rank pronunciación 1
1 a line or row of people or things.
2 a line of soldiers standing side by side.
3 a position of seniority within an organization, society, the armed forces, etc. See table in the Supplement to this book.
4 a distinct class or group, eg according to ability.
5 high social position or status.
6 (the ranks) ordinary soldiers as opposed to officers.
7 Brit a place where taxis wait for passengers taxi rank .
8 chess a row of squares along the player's side of a chessboard.
verb (ranked , ranking )
1 to arrange (people or things) in a row or line.
2 tr & intr to give or have a particular grade, position or status in relation to others.
3 to have a higher position, status, etc than someone else; to outrank them.
[16c: from French renc rank, row]
close ranks said of a group of people: to keep their solidarity.
pull rank to use one's higher rank or status to get what one wants.
the rank and file
1 the ordinary members of an organization or society as opposed to the leaders or principal members.
2 the ordinary soldiers as opposed to the officers.

rank pronunciación 2
1 said of eg plants: coarsely overgrown and untidy.
2 offensively strong in smell or taste.
3 bold, open and shocking rank disobedience .
4 complete; utter a rank beginner .
[Anglo-Saxon ranc proud or overbearing]
rankly adverb .
rankness noun .

noun a soldier who serves or has served in the ranks, especially an officer who has been promoted up through the ranks.

verb (rankled , rankling ) intr to continue to cause feelings of annoyance or bitterness His refusal still rankles .
[16c in this sense; 14c, meaning -to fester, suppurate-: from French raoncle or rancle , variant of draoncle festering sore, from Latin dracunculus a small dragon]

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