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range pronunciación
a an area between limits within which things may move, function, etc;
b the limits forming this area.
2 a number of items, products, etc forming a distinct series.
3 music the distance between the lowest and highest notes which may be produced by a musical instrument or a singing voice.
4 the distance to which a gun may be fired or an object thrown.
5 the distance between a weapon and its target.
6 the distance that can be covered by a vehicle without it needing to refuel.
7 an area where shooting may be practised and rockets tested firing range .
8 a group of mountains forming a distinct series or row.
9 N Am a large area of open land for grazing livestock.
10 the region over which a plant or animal is distributed.
11 maths the set of values that a function or dependent variable may take.
12 an enclosed kitchen fireplace fitted with a large cooking stove with one or more ovens and a flat top surface for heating pans.
verb (ranged , ranging )
1 to put in a row or rows.
2 to put (someone, oneself, etc) into a specified category or group She ranged herself among their enemies .
3 intr to vary or change between specified limits.
4 intr (usu range over or through something) to roam freely in it.
5 intr to stretch or extend in a specified direction or over a specified area.
[13c: French, from ranger to place or position]

noun an instrument which can estimate the distance of an object, especially a target to be shot or photographed.

1 someone who looks after a royal or national forest or park.
2 N Am a soldier who has been specially trained for raiding and combat; a commando.
3 N Am a member of a group of armed men who patrol and police a region.
4 (Ranger or Ranger Guide) Brit a member of the senior branch of the Guide Association.

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