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raise pronunciación
verb (raised , raising )
1 to move or lift to a higher position or level.
2 to put in an upright or standing position.
3 to build or erect.
4 to increase the value, amount or strength of something raise prices raise one's voice .
5 to put forward for consideration or discussion raise an objection .
6 to gather together or assemble raise an army .
7 to collect together or obtain (funds, money, etc) raise money for charity .
8 to stir up or incite raise a protest .
9 to bring into being; to provoke raise a laugh raise the alarm .
10 to promote to a higher rank.
11 to awaken or arouse from sleep or death.
12 to grow (vegetables, a crop, etc).
13 to bring up or rear (a child, children) born and raised locally .
14 to bring to an end or remove raise the siege .
15 to cause (bread or dough) to rise with yeast.
16 to establish radio contact with.
17 maths to increase (a quantity) to a given power (see power, noun 12) 3 raised to the power of 4 is 81 .
18 cards to bet more than another player.
19 naut to cause (land) to come into sight by approaching.
20 to produce a nap on (cloth) by brushing.
21 to cause (a lump, blister, etc) to form or swell.
1 an act of raising or lifting.
2 colloq, esp N Am an increase in salary.
[12c: from Norse reisa ]
raisable or raiseable adjective .
raiser noun .
raise a hand to someone or something to hit or generally treat them or it badly.
raise Cain or the roof colloq
1 to make a lot of noise.
2 to be extremely angry.
raise one's glass to drink a toast.
raise one's hat to take off one's hat in greeting.
raise hell or the devil colloq to make a lot of trouble.
raise someone's hopes to give them reason to be hopeful.
raise its ugly head said of a difficult situation, problem, etc: to occur or appear.
raise money on something to get money for something by pawning or selling it, especially privately.
raise someone's spirits to make them more cheerful or optimistic.

raise There is often a spelling confusion between raise and raze.

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