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engrained see ingrained

adjective , derog silly; empty-headed.

hair-brained see hare-brained

hare-brained or hair-brained
adjective said of people, actions, etc: foolish; rash; heedless.

ingrained or engrained
1 difficult to remove or wipe off or out.
2 fixed firmly; instilled or rooted deeply.
[16c: from the phrase in grain or dyed in grain thorough, indelible, dyed in the yarn or thread (before manufacture)]
ingrainedly , adverb .
ingrainedness noun .

1 said of an action, way of talking, someone's manner, etc: not natural or easy; forced.
2 said of an atmosphere, relations, etc: not friendly or relaxed; tense.
3 said of food: characterized by having been put through a sieve strained carrots .
4 said of a muscle, body part, etc: injured by overwork, etc a strained back .
5 tight; pushed to the extreme strained finances .

1 said of a person, animal, etc: having received training a trained nurse .
2 experienced can only be picked up by the trained eye .
3 said of a plant, tree, etc: made or encouraged to grow in a specified manner or place.


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