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race pronunciación 1
1 a contest of speed between runners, horses, cars, etc.
2 (usu the races) a series of such contests over a fixed course, especially for horses or dogs a day at the races .
3 any contest or rivalry, especially to be the first to do or get something the arms race .
4 a fixed course, track or path over which anything runs.
5 a strong or rapid current of water in the sea or a river.
6 a channel conveying water to and from a mill wheel.
7 a groove in which something, eg a ball-bearing, moves or slides.
8 a regular traverse of a fixed course, eg of the sun.
verb (raced , racing )
1 intr to take part in a race.
2 to have a race with someone.
3 to cause (a horse, car, etc) to race.
4 intr (usu race about or along or around) to run or move quickly and energetically.
5 intr said of eg an engine or a propeller: to run wildly fast when resistance is removed.
6 tr & intr to move or make something move more quickly than usual.
7 intr to own racehorses, or watch horse-racing as a hobby.
[13c: from Norse ras ]
racer see separate entry.
racing noun the sport or practice of using animals (especially horses or dogs) or vehicles in contests of speed.
as adjective racing car racing pigeon .

También tienes: raze
race pronunciación 2
1 any of the major divisions of humankind distinguished by a particular set of physical characteristics, such as size, hair type or skin colour.
2 a tribe, nation or similar group of people thought of as distinct from others.
3 (the human race) human beings as a group.
4 a group of animals or plants within a species, which have characteristics distinguishing them from other members of that species.
[16c: French, from Italian razza ]

También tienes: raze
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