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question pronunciación
a a written or spoken sentence that is worded in such a way as to request information or an answer;
b the interrogative sentence or other form of words in which this is expressed.
2 a doubt or query raises questions about their loyalty .
3 a problem or difficulty the Northern Ireland question .
4 a problem set for discussion or solution in an examination paper, etc.
5 an investigation or search for information.
6 a matter, concern or issue a question of safety .
verb (questioned , questioning )
1 to ask someone questions; to interrogate them.
2 to raise doubts about something; to query it.
[13c: from French questiun , from Latin quaestio , from quaerere to ask]
questioner noun .
questionless adjective .
be (only, simply or just, etc ) a question of something to be a situation, case or matter of a specified thing It's just a question of time It's a question of whether or not he'll remember .
beg the question see under beg.
beyond question not in doubt; beyond doubt.
call something in or into question to suggest reasons for doubting its validity or truth, etc.
in question
1 presently under discussion or being referred to was away at the time in question .
2 in doubt Her ability is not in question .
no question of something no possibility or intention of it.
out of the question impossible and so not worth considering.
pop the question see under pop1.
without question unhesitatingly.

question mark
a the punctuation mark ? which is used to indicate that the sentence that comes before it is a question;
b this mark when it is used to indicate that there is a possible error.
2 a doubt still a question mark over funds .

question mark || A question mark is used to indicate a direct question: Is John coming? Which is your car? Note that a question mark will sometimes be the only indication that a sentence is a question and not a statement: John's coming too? Sentences that are questions in form but requests or statements in meaning should not take a question mark: Can you pass me the butter, please. Would the parent of a little boy aged about four and answering to the name of Jeremy please come to the manager's office to collect him. || Informally, a question mark is used to indicate that an indirect question is really a polite request or a tentative direct question: I wonder if you could help me? I'm looking for Princes Street. I was wondering if you would like to come too? || It is used in parentheses to indicate that something in a statement is suspicious or uncertain: He gave his name as Ellis (?) and said he was looking for work. In this regard, we could consider the poetry of Geoffrey Chaucer (?1340?1400) and the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch (?1450?1516).

question master
noun someone who asks the questions and adjudicates the scores, etc in a quiz, etc.

question time
noun , Brit in Parliament: the period that is set aside each day for MPs to put questions to government ministers.

1 doubtful; debatable; ambiguous.
2 suspect; disreputable; obscure; shady.
questionability noun .
questionably adverb .

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