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quarter pronunciación
noun (abbreviation q or qr)
a one of four equal parts that an object or quantity is or can be divided into;
b (often written 1/4) the number one when it is divided by four.
2 any of the three-month divisions of the year, especially one that begins or ends on a quarter day.
3 N Am
a 25 cents, ie quarter of a dollar;
b a coin of this value.
4 a a period of 15 minutes;
b a point of time 15 minutes after or before any hour.
5 astron
a a fourth part of the Moon's cycle;
b either of the two phases of the Moon when half its surface is lit and visible at the point between the first and second and the third and fourth quarters of its cycle.
6 any of the four main compass directions; any direction.
7 a district of a city, etc the Spanish quarter .
8 (also quarters) a section of the public or society, etc; certain people or a certain person no sympathy from that quarter .
9 (quarters) lodgings or accommodation, eg for soldiers and their families married quarters .
10 in the imperial system:
a a unit of weight equal to a quarter of a hundredweight, ie ( Brit) 28 lb or ( US) 25 lb;
b Brit colloq 4oz or a quarter of a pound;
c Brit a unit of measure for grain equal to eight bushels.
11 a any of the four sections that an animal's or bird's carcass is divided into, each section having a leg or a wing;
b (quarters) hist the four similar sections that a human body was divided into, especially after execution for treason.
12 mercy that is shown or offered, eg to a defeated enemy, etc give no quarter .
13 heraldry
a any of the four sections of a shield which are formed by two perpendicular horizontal and vertical lines;
b a device that occupies one of these sections in the upper third of a shield.
14 esp American football & Austral Rules football any of the four equal periods that a game is divided into.
15 naut the side of a ship's hull that is between amidships and astern.
verb (quartered , quartering )
1 to divide something into quarters.
2 a to accommodate or billet (troops, etc) in lodgings;
b intr said especially of military personnel: to be accommodated or billeted in lodgings.
3 hist to divide (the body of a hanged traitor, etc) into four parts, each with a limb.
4 heraldry
a to divide (a shield) into quarters using one horizontal and one vertical line;
b to fill (each quarter of a shield) with bearings;
c to add (someone else's coat of arms) to one's own hereditary arms.
5 said of a hunting dog or a bird of prey: to cross and recross (an area) searching for game.
[13c: from French quartier , from Latin quartarius a fourth part]

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