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adjective relating to, affecting or concerned with distinctions of the quality or standard of something. Compare quantitative.
qualitatively adverb .

qualitative analysis
noun , chem the identification of the different constituents, eg the elements, ions and functioning groups, etc, that are present in a substance. Compare quantitative analysis.

quality pronunciación
noun (qualities )
1 the degree or extent of excellence of something.
2 general excellence; high standard articles of unmistakable quality .
3 a a distinctive or distinguishing talent or attribute, etc;
b the basic nature of something.
4 a music the distinctive timbre that a voice or other sound has;
b phonetics the distinctive character of a sound with regard to the various possible positions of the articulators.
5 old use high social status families of quality .
adjective being of or exhibiting a high quality or standard the quality newspapers .
[13c: from French qualité , from Latin qualis of what kind]

quality control
noun (abbreviation QC) a system or the process that involves regular sampling of the output of an industrial process in order to detect any variations in quality.
quality controller noun .

quality time
noun a period of time when someone's attention is devoted entirely to someone else, eg a companion or child, without interruptions or distractions.

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