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put pronunciación
verb (past tense & past participle put , present participle putting )
1 to place something or someone in or convey them or it to a specified position or situation.
2 to fit Put a new lock on the door .
3 to cause someone or something to be in a specified state put him at ease .
4 to apply.
5 to set or impose put a tax on luxuries put an end to free lunches .
6 to lay (blame, reliance, emphasis, etc) on something.
7 to set someone to work, etc or apply something to a good purpose, etc.
8 to translate Put this into French .
9 to invest or pour (energy, money or other resources) into something.
10 to classify or categorize something or put it in order I put accuracy before speed .
11 to submit (questions for answering or ideas for considering) to someone; to suggest I put it to her that she was lying .
12 to express something.
13 colloq (put something at something) to estimate (costs, etc) as likely to be (a certain amount).
14 colloq to write or say don't know what to put That's putting it mildly .
15 intr , naut to sail in a certain direction put to sea .
16 athletics to throw (the shot).
[Anglo-Saxon putian ]
put it about colloq
1 to spread a rumour, gossip, news, etc put it about that he was leaving .
2 to behave in a sexually promiscuous way.
put it across someone or put one over on someone colloq to trick, deceive or fool them.
put it on to feign or exaggerate said she'd been really ill but she was putting it on .
put on an act to pretend, especially in order to deceive, win sympathy, etc.
put something right to mend it or make it better.
put up or shut up to either give sensible or useful information, input, etc or make one's position on a matter clear, or else keep quiet.
put up with someone or something to tolerate them or it, especially grudgingly or reluctantly. Other idioms containing -put- can be found under one of the other significant words, eg put a sock in it is under sock1 and be hard put to do something is under hard.
put about naut to turn round; to change course.
put something about to spread (a report or rumour).
put something across to communicate (ideas, etc) to other people.
put something aside
1 to save (money), especially regularly, for future use.
2 to discount or deliberately disregard (problems, differences of opinion, etc) for the sake of convenience or peace, etc.
put someone away colloq
1 to imprison them.
2 to confine them in a mental institution.
put something away
1 to replace it tidily where it belongs.
2 to save it for future use.
3 colloq to consume (food or drink), especially in large amounts.
4 old use to reject, discard or renounce it.
put something back
1 to replace it.
2 to postpone (a match or meeting, etc).
put something by to save it for the future.
put down said of an aircraft: to land.
put someone down to humiliate or snub them. See also put-down.
put something down
1 to crush (a revolt, etc).
2 to kill (an animal) painlessly, especially when it is suffering.
3 to write it down.
4 to pay (money) as a deposit on an intended purchase.
put someone down for something
1 to sum them up or dismiss them as the specified thing had put him down for a playboy .
2 to include them in a list of participants or subscribers, etc for it.
put something down to something to regard it as caused by something specified The errors were put down to inexperience .
put someone forward to propose their name for a post, etc; to nominate them.
put something forward
1 to offer (a proposal or suggestion).
2 to advance (the time or date of an event or occasion).
put in naut to enter a port or harbour.
put something in
1 to fit or install it.
2 to spend (time) working at something puts in four hours' violin practice daily .
3 to submit (a claim, etc).
4 to interrupt with (a comment, etc).
put in for something to apply for it.
put someone off
1 to cancel or postpone an engagement with them.
2 to make them lose concentration; to distract them.
3 to cause them to lose enthusiasm or to feel disgust for something Her accident put me off climbing was put off by its smell .
put something off
1 to switch off (a light, etc).
2 to postpone (an event or arrangement).
put something on
1 to switch on (an electrical device, etc).
2 to dress in it.
3 to gain (weight or speed).
4 to present (a play or show, etc).
5 to provide (transport, etc).
6 to assume (an accent or manner, etc) for effect or to deceive. See also put-on.
7 to bet (money) on a horse, etc.
put someone onto someone to give them an indication of their whereabouts or involvement What put the police onto her?
put someone onto something to recommend them to try it A friend put me onto these biscuits .
put someone out
1 to inconvenience them.
2 to offend or annoy them.
put something out
1 to extinguish (a light or fire).
2 to issue (a distress call, etc).
3 to publish (a leaflet, etc).
4 to strain or dislocate (a part of the body).
put something over to communicate (an idea, etc) to someone else.
put something over on someone to deceive them.
put someone through to connect them by telephone.
put something through
1 to arrange (a deal or agreement, etc).
2 to make or connect (a telephone call).
put something together to join up the parts of it; to assemble it.
put up to stay for the night We'd better put up at the local hotel .
put someone up to give them a bed for the night.
put something up
1 to build it; to erect it.
2 to raise (prices).
3 to present (a plan, etc).
4 to offer (a house, etc) for sale.
5 to provide (funds) for a project, etc.
6 to show (resistance); to offer (a fight).
put someone or oneself up for something to offer or nominate them, or oneself, as a candidate We are putting you up for chairman .
put upon someone to presume on their good will; to take unfair advantage of them.
put someone up to something colloq to coerce or manipulate them into doing it, especially when it is devious or illicit.
put up with someone or something to bear or tolerate them or it.

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