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Punch pronunciación
noun a humpbacked hook-nosed puppet character in the traditional show called Punch and Judy .
[18c: from Italian Punchinello a commedia dell'arte character]
pleased as Punch extremely pleased.

punch pronunciación 1
verb (punches , punched , punching )
1 tr & intr to hit someone or something with the fist.
2 esp US & Aust to poke or prod with a stick; to drive (cattle, etc).
3 to prod, poke or strike smartly, especially with a blunt object, the foot, etc Thorpe punched the ball back past the bowler .
noun (punches )
1 a blow with the fist.
2 vigour and effectiveness in speech or writing.
[14c: a variant of pounce1]
pack a punch see under pack1.

punch pronunciación 2
noun (punches )
1 a tool for cutting or piercing holes or notches, or stamping designs, in leather, paper, metal, etc.
2 a tool for driving nail-heads well down into a surface.
verb (punches , punched , punching )
1 to pierce, notch or stamp something with a punch.
2 comput , old use to use a key punch to record (data) on (a card or tape).
[15c: shortened from puncheon a piercing tool]
punch in or out N Am to clock in or out.

punch pronunciación 3
noun (punches ) a drink, usually an alcoholic one, made up of a mixture of other drinks.
[17c: said to be from Hindi panch five, as the drink was originally made from five ingredients (spirits, water, lemon juice, sugar and spice)]

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