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pump pronunciación 1
1 any of various piston-operated or other devices for forcing or driving liquids or gases into or out of something, etc.
2 a standing device with a handle that is worked up and down for raising water from beneath the ground, especially one serving as the water supply to a community.
3 a a device for forcing air into a tyre;
b in compounds bicycle pump foot pump .
4 (also petrol pump) a device for raising petrol from an underground storage tank to fill a vehicle's petrol tank.
verb (pumped , pumping )
1 tr & intr to raise, force or drive (a liquid or gas) out of or into something with a pump.
2 (usu pump something up) to inflate (a tyre, etc) with a pump.
3 to force something in large gushes or flowing amounts.
4 to pour (money or other resources) into a project, etc.
5 to force out the contents of (someone's stomach) to rid it of a poison, etc.
6 to try to extract information from someone by persistent questioning.
7 to work something vigorously up and down, as though operating a pump handle.
8 to fire (bullets, etc), often into someone or something pumped bullets into her .
[15c: from Dutch pumpe pipe]
pump iron colloq to exercise with weights; to go in for weight-training.

pump pronunciación 2
1 a light dancing shoe.
2 a plain, low-cut flat shoe for women.
3 a gym shoe or plimsoll.

adjective said of a rifle or shotgun: supplied with a new round from the magazine by a pump-like movement.

noun a dark heavy coarse ryebread, eaten especially in Germany.
[18c: from German, meaning -lout-, perhaps literally -stink-devil- or -fart-devil-, because of the after-effects of eating it]

pumpkin pronunciación
1 a perennial trailing or climbing plant which produces yellow flowers and large round fruits at ground level.
2 the fruit of this plant, which contains pulpy flesh and many seeds, enclosed by a hard leathery orange rind.
[17c: from French pompon , from Greek pepon melon]

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