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puff pronunciación
a a small rush, gust or blast of air or wind, etc;
b the sound made by it.
2 a small cloud of smoke, dust or steam emitted from something.
3 colloq breath quite out of puff .
4 an act of inhaling and exhaling smoke from a pipe or cigarette; a drag or draw.
5 in compounds a light pastry, often containing a sweet or savoury filling jam puffs .
6 a powder puff.
7 an item of publicity intended or serving as an advertisement.
verb (puffed , puffing )
1 tr & intr to blow or breathe in small blasts.
2 intr said of smoke or steam, etc: to emerge in small gusts or blasts.
3 tr & intr to inhale and exhale smoke from, or draw at (a cigarette, etc).
4 intr (often puff along) said of a train or boat, etc: to go along emitting puffs of steam.
5 intr to pant, or go along panting puffing up the hill .
6 (often puff someone out) colloq to leave them breathless after exertion.
7 tr & intr (also puff out or up) to swell or cause something to swell puffed out its feathers .
8 to praise something extravagantly by way of advertisement.
[Anglo-Saxon pyffan ]

puff adder
noun any of various large thick-bodied African snakes which if alarmed inflate their bodies with air.

puff pastry
noun , cookery light flaky pastry made with a high proportion of fat.

1 bot the spore-bearing structure of certain fungi, consisting of a hollow ball of white or beige fleshy tissue from which spores are released as puffs of fine dust through a hole in the top.
2 (also puffball skirt) fashion a tight-waisted full skirt gathered in at the hem so as to be shaped like a ball.
[17c; 1980s in sense 2]

adjective , colloq exhausted; out of breath.

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