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public pronunciación
1 relating to or concerning all the people of a country or community public health public opinion .
2 relating to the organization and administration of a community.
3 provided for the use of the community public library public toilet .
4 well known through exposure in the media a famous public figure .
5 made, done or held, etc openly, for all to see, hear or participate in a public inquiry .
6 known to all public knowledge make one's views public .
7 watched or attended by an audience, spectators, etc.
8 open to view; not private or secluded It's too public here .
9 provided by or run by central or local government under public ownership .
singular or plural noun
1 the people or community.
2 a particular class of people the concert-going public .
3 an author's or performer's, etc audience or group of devotees mustn't disappoint my public .
[15c: from Latin publicus , from populus people]
publicly adverb .
publicness noun .
go public
1 business to become a public company.
2 to make something previously private known to everyone.
in public in the presence of other people.
in the public eye said of a person, etc: well known through media exposure.

public Public can be treated as a singular or plural noun; to reinforce the plural, the phrase members of the public is often used: The public welcome the way we are treating teachers as a professional body. You can hardly blame manufacturers for turning out what the public seems to want. Most members of the public understand this fact.

public address system
noun (abbreviation PA system or PA) a system of microphones, amplifiers and loudspeakers, used to communicate public announcements, etc over a large area.

public bar
noun in a public house: a bar which is less well furnished and serves drinks more cheaply than a lounge bar.

public company or public limited company
noun , business (abbreviation PLC or plc) a company whose shares are available for purchase on the open market by the public.

public convenience
noun a public toilet.

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