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public pronunciación
1 relating to or concerning all the people of a country or community public health public opinion .
2 relating to the organization and administration of a community.
3 provided for the use of the community public library public toilet .
4 well known through exposure in the media a famous public figure .
5 made, done or held, etc openly, for all to see, hear or participate in a public inquiry .
6 known to all public knowledge make one's views public .
7 watched or attended by an audience, spectators, etc.
8 open to view; not private or secluded It's too public here .
9 provided by or run by central or local government under public ownership .
singular or plural noun
1 the people or community.
2 a particular class of people the concert-going public .
3 an author's or performer's, etc audience or group of devotees mustn't disappoint my public .
[15c: from Latin publicus , from populus people]
publicly adverb .
publicness noun .
go public
1 business to become a public company.
2 to make something previously private known to everyone.
in public in the presence of other people.
in the public eye said of a person, etc: well known through media exposure.

public Public can be treated as a singular or plural noun; to reinforce the plural, the phrase members of the public is often used: The public welcome the way we are treating teachers as a professional body. You can hardly blame manufacturers for turning out what the public seems to want. Most members of the public understand this fact.

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