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provide pronunciación
verb (provided , providing )
1 to supply.
2 said of a circumstance or situation, etc: to offer (a specified thing) provide enjoyment provide an opportunity .
3 intr (often provide for or against something) to be prepared for (an unexpected contingency, an emergency, etc).
4 intr (provide for someone or something) to support or keep (a dependant, etc), or arrange for the means to do so provided for his old age .
5 chiefly law
a to stipulate or require (that something should be done, etc);
b intr (provide for something) said of a law, etc: to enable it to be done.
[15c: from Latin providere to see ahead]
provider noun .

provided or providing
1 on the condition or understanding (that a specified thing happens, etc) You can come in provided you don't smoke .
2 if and only if Providing Joe gives me the money, I'll go out tonight .

providence pronunciación
a a mysterious power or force that operates to keep one from harm, etc;
b the benevolent foresight of God.
2 (Providence) God or Nature regarded as an all-seeing protector of the world.
3 the quality of being provident; prudent foresight or thrifty planning.
[14c: French, from Latin providentia foresight, from providere to provide]

provident pronunciación
1 having foresight and making provisions for the future.
2 careful and thrifty; frugal.
providently adverb .

adjective due to providence; fortunate; lucky; opportune.
providentially adverb .

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