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verb (past tense proved , past participle proved or proven , present participle proving )
1 to show something to be true, correct or a fact.
2 to show something to be (a specified thing) was proved innocent .
3 intr to be found to be (a specified thing) when tried; to turn out to be the case Her advice proved sound .
4 to show (oneself) to be (of a specified type or quality, etc) He proved himself reliable .
5 to show (oneself) capable or daring.
6 law to establish the validity of (a will).
7 intr said of dough: to rise.
[12c: from French prover , from Latin probare to test or prove, from probus good]
provable or proveable adjective .

También tienes: probe
verb , past participle of prove.
adjective shown to be true, worthy, etc a proven statement an opportunity for a sales manager of proven ability . See separate entry not proven.

noun the place of origin (of a work of art, archaeological find, etc).
[18c: French, from Latin provenire to come forth]

1 belonging or relating to Provence, an area in SE France, its inhabitants, their culture or language.
2 (usu à la provençale) denoting a style of French cookery that traditionally uses olive oil, tomatoes, onion, garlic and white wine eggs à la provençale .
1 a citizen or inhabitant of, or person born in, Provence.
2 a language spoken in Provence, related to French, Italian and Catalan.

1 dry food for livestock, eg corn and hay.
2 now usually facetious food.
[14c: from French provendre , from Latin praebenda payment]

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