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a the organized circulation by a political group, etc of doctrine, information, misinformation, rumour or opinion, intended to influence public feeling, raise public awareness, bring about reform, etc;
b the material circulated in this way.
2 (Propaganda) a Roman Catholic committee responsible for foreign missions and the training of missionaries.
[18c: Italian, from the Latin Congregatio de propaganda fide congregation for propagating the faith]
propagandist noun .

propagandize or propagandise
verb (propagandized , propagandizing )
1 to subject (a person, place, etc) to propaganda.
2 intr to circulate propaganda.

verb (propagated , propagating )
1 tr & intr , bot said of a plant: to multiply.
2 bot to grow (new plants), either by natural means or artificially.
3 to spread or popularize (ideas, etc).
4 physics to transmit energy, eg sound or electromagnetism, over a distance in wave form.
[16c: from Latin propagare , propagatum to grow plants by grafting, etc]
propagation noun .

1 someone or something that propagates.
2 a heated covered box in which plants may be grown from seed or cuttings.

noun , chem (formula C3H8) a colourless odourless flammable gas, obtained from petroleum.
[19c: from propionic acid]

propanoic acid
noun , chem (formula CH3CH2COOH) a fatty acid, a colourless liquid used to control the growth of certain moulds. Also called propionic acid.

propanone pronunciación
noun acetone.

verb (propelled , propelling )
1 to drive or push something forward.
2 to steer or send someone or something in a certain direction.
[17c: from Latin propellere to drive]

1 chem a compressed inert gas in an aerosol that is used to release the liquid contents as a fine spray when the pressure is released.
2 engineering the fuel and oxidizer that are burned in a rocket in order to provide thrust.
3 an explosive charge that is used to propel a projectile, eg a bullet or shell.
4 something that propels.

adjective propelling; capable of driving or pushing forward.

propeller pronunciación
noun a device consisting of a revolving hub with radiating blades that produce thrust or power, used to propel aircraft, ships, etc.

propelling pencil
noun a type of pencil in which the lead is held in a casing and can be propelled forward as it is worn down.

noun (propensities ) a tendency or inclination a propensity for chocolate a propensity to drink too much .
[16c: from Latin propensus hanging forward, from propendere , propensum to be inclined]

1 real; genuine; able to be correctly described as (a specified thing).
2 right; correct.
3 appropriate at the proper time .
4 own; particular; correct in its proper place .
5 socially accepted; respectable.
6 derog morally strict; prim.
7 (usu proper to something) belonging or appropriate to it; suitable the form of address proper to her rank .
8 used immediately after a noun: strictly so called; itself, excluding others not immediately connected with it We are now entering the city proper .
9 colloq utter; complete; out-and-out a proper idiot .
adverb , non-standard properly can't even speak proper .
[13c: from French propre , from Latin proprius own or special]
properness noun .

proper fraction
noun , maths a fraction in which the numerator is less than the denominator, eg 1/2 or 3/7. Compare improper fraction.

proper noun or proper name
noun , grammar the name of a particular person, place or thing, eg Kurt, Clapham, Internet.

1 suitably; appropriately; correctly.
2 with strict accuracy.
3 fully; thoroughly; completely.
4 colloq utterly.

adjective owning property, especially land.

property pronunciación
noun (properties )
1 something someone owns That book is my property .
2 possessions collectively.
3 the concept of ownership.
4 a land or real estate;
b an item of this.
5 a quality or attribute has the property of dissolving easily .
6 a prop2.
[13c: from French propriété , from Latin proprietas attribute, from proprius own]

property man or property mistress
noun , theat someone in charge of stage props.

prophase pronunciación
noun , biol in mitosis and meiosis: the first stage of cell division, during which the chromosomes condense and become recognizably discrete.
[19c: pro-2 + phase]

prophecy pronunciación
noun (prophecies )
a the interpretation of divine will;
b the act of revealing such interpretations.
2 a the foretelling of the future;
b something foretold; a prediction.
3 a gift or aptitude for predicting the future.
[13c: from French prophecie , from Greek propheteia ; see prophet]

prophesy pronunciación
verb (prophesies , prophesied , prophesying )
1 tr & intr to foretell (future happenings); to predict.
2 intr to utter prophecies; to interpret divine will.
[14c: a variant of prophecy]

prophet pronunciación
1 someone who is able to express the will of God or a god.
2 Bible
a any of the writers of prophecy in the Old Testament;
b any of the books attributed to them.
3 (the Prophet) Islam Muhammad.
4 someone who claims to be able to tell what will happen in the future a prophet of doom .
5 a leading advocate of or spokesperson for a movement or cause.
[12c: from Greek prophetes someone who interprets or expresses the divine will, from pro for + phanai to speak]

prophetess pronunciación
noun (prophetesses ) a female prophet.

1 foretelling the future.
2 relating or belonging to prophets or prophecy.
prophetically adverb .

prophylactic pronunciación
adjective guarding against or tending to prevent disease or other mishap.
1 a prophylactic drug or device; a precautionary measure.
2 a condom.
[16c: from Greek prophylaktikos , from prophylassein to take precautions against, from phylax a guard]

prophylaxis pronunciación
noun (prophylaxes )
1 action or treatment to prevent something unwanted; precautionary measures.
2 any treatment or other measures taken to prevent disease.
[19c: see prophylactic]

1 nearness in place or time; proximity.
2 closeness of kinship.
[14c: from Latin propinquitas , from propinquus near]

propionic acid
noun another name for propanoic acid.
[19c: from pro-2 + Greek pion fat]


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