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progress pronunciación
noun ; N Am
1 movement while travelling in any direction.
2 course followed the progress of the trial .
3 movement towards a destination, goal or state of completion making slow progress with the new building .
4 advances or development.
5 old use a journey made in state by a sovereign, etc.
verb (progresses , progressed , progressing )
1 intr to move forwards or onwards; to proceed towards a goal.
2 intr to advance or develop.
3 intr to improve.
4 to put (something planned) into operation; to expedite.
[15c: from Latin progredi , progressus to move forward]
in progress taking place; in the course of being done.

progression pronunciación
1 an act or the process of moving forwards or advancing in stages.
2 improvement.
3 music a succession of chords, the advance from one to the next being determined on a fixed pattern.
4 maths a sequence of numbers, each of which bears a specific relationship to the preceding term. See arithmetic progression, geometric progression.

progressive pronunciación
1 advanced in outlook; using or favouring new methods.
2 moving forward or advancing continuously or by stages.
3 said of a disease: continuously increasing in severity or complication.
4 said of a dance or game: involving changes of partner at intervals.
5 said of taxation: increasing as the sum taxed increases.
6 grammar said of a verbal aspect or tense: expressing continuing action or a continuing state, formed in English with be and the present participle, as in I am doing it and they will be going .
1 someone with progressive ideas.
2 grammar
a the progressive aspect or tense;
b a verb in a progressive aspect or tense.
progressively adverb .
progressiveness noun .
progressivism noun .
progressivist noun , adjective .

progressive rock or prog rock
noun a type of rock music featuring complex and often lengthy compositions, with lyrics inspired by science fiction, fantasy and mythology.

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