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produce pronunciación
verb (produced , producing )
1 to bring out or present something to view.
2 to bear (children, young, leaves, etc).
3 tr & intr to yield (crops, fruit, etc).
4 to secrete (a substance), give off (a smell), etc.
5 tr & intr to make or manufacture something.
6 to give rise to or prompt (a reaction) from people.
7 to direct (a play), arrange (a radio or television programme) for presentation, or finance and schedule the making of (a film).
8 to be in charge of the recording of (a piece of music), making artistic decisions about the finished overall sound.
9 geom to extend (a line).
noun foodstuffs derived from crops or livestock, eg fruit, vegetables, eggs and dairy products.
[15c: from Latin producere to bring forth]
producer noun .
producible adjective .

product pronunciación
1 a thing or number of things produced, eg through manufacture or agriculture.
2 a result the product of much thought .
3 maths the value obtained by multiplying two or more numbers.
4 chem a substance formed during a chemical reaction.

production pronunciación
a the act of producing;
b the process of producing or being produced The new model goes into production next year .
2 the quantity produced or rate of producing it.
3 something created; a literary or artistic work.
4 a particular presentation of a play, opera, ballet, etc.

production line
1 a series of activities carried out in sequence as part of a manufacturing process.
2 the workers who carry out these activities.

productive pronunciación
1 yielding a lot; fertile; fruitful.
2 useful; profitable a productive meeting .
3 (usu productive of something) giving rise to it; resulting in it productive of ideas .
productively adverb .
productiveness noun .

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