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process pronunciación
noun (processes )
1 a series of operations performed during manufacture, etc.
2 a series of stages which a product, etc passes through, resulting in the development or transformation of it.
3 an operation or procedure a slow process .
4 anat a projection or outgrowth, especially one on a bone the mastoid process .
5 law a writ by which a person or matter is brought into court.
6 any series of changes, especially natural ones the aging process .
verb (processes , processed , processing )
1 to put something through the required process; to deal with (eg an application) appropriately.
2 to prepare (agricultural produce) for marketing, eg by canning, bottling or treating it chemically.
3 comput to perform operations on (data, etc).
4 law to instigate legal proceedings against someone.
[14c: from Latin processus , from procedere to proceed]
in the process of something in the course of it.

procession pronunciación
1 a file of people or vehicles proceeding ceremonially in orderly formation.
2 this kind of succession or sequence.
[12c: from Latin processio , processionis an advance]

adjective relating or belonging to a procession.
noun , Christianity
1 a book of litanies, hymns, etc for processions.
2 a hymn sung in procession.

processor pronunciación
1 (often in compounds ) a machine or person that processes something word processor food processor .
2 comput a central processing unit.

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