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private pronunciación
1 not open to, or available for the use of, the general public.
2 said of a person: not holding public office.
3 kept secret from others; confidential.
4 relating to someone's personal, as distinct from their professional, life a private engagement .
5 said of thoughts or opinions: personal and usually kept to oneself.
6 quiet and reserved by nature.
7 said of a place: secluded.
8 a not coming under the state system of education, healthcare, social welfare, etc;
b paid for or paying individually by fee, etc.
9 said of an industry, etc: owned and run by private individuals, not by the state.
10 said of a soldier: not an officer or NCO.
11 said of a member of parliament: not holding government office.
1 a private soldier.
2 (privates) colloq the private parts.
[14c: from Latin privatus withdrawn from public life, from privare to deprive or separate]
privately adverb .
in private not in public; in secret; confidentially.

private company
noun a company with restrictions on the number of shareholders, whose shares may not be offered to the general public.

private detective or private investigator
noun someone who is not a member of the police force, engaged to do detective work. Also called private eye.

private enterprise
noun the management and financing of industry, etc by private individuals or companies, not by the state.

private eye
noun , colloq a private detective.

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