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print pronunciación
verb (printed , printing )
1 to reproduce (text or pictures) on paper with ink, using a printing press or other mechanical means.
2 (also print something out) to produce a printed version (eg of computer data).
3 to publish (a book, article, etc).
4 tr & intr to write in separate, as opposed to joined-up, letters, in the style of mechanically printed text.
5 to make (a positive photograph) from a negative.
6 to mark (a shape, pattern, etc) in or on a surface by pressure.
7 to mark designs on (fabric).
8 to fix (a scene) indelibly (on the memory, etc).
1 (often in compounds ) a mark made on a surface by the pressure of something in contact with it pawprint .
2 a fingerprint.
3 hand-done lettering with each letter written separately.
4 mechanically printed text, especially one produced on a printing press.
5 a printed publication.
6 a design or picture printed from an engraved wood block or metal plate.
7 a positive photograph made from a negative.
8 a fabric with a printed or stamped design.
as adjective print media .
[13c: from French priente , from priembre , from Latin premere to press]
be in or out of print said of a publication: to be currently available, or no longer available, from a publisher.

print run
noun the number of copies of a book, newspaper, etc printed at a time.

1 capable of being printed.
2 fit to be published.

printed circuit
noun , electronics an electronic circuit formed by printing the design of the wiring on copper foil bonded to a flat base and etching away the unprinted foil.

printed circuit board
noun electronics (abbreviation PCB) a printed circuit and its supporting base.

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