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present pronunciación 1
1 being at the place or occasion in question.
2 existing, detectable or able to be found.
3 existing now the present situation .
4 now being considered the present subject .
5 grammar said of the tense of a verb: indicating action that is taking place now, or action that is continuing or habitual, as in I walk the dog every morning and He's going to school .
1 the present time.
2 grammar
a the present tense;
b a verb in the present tense.
3 (presents) law , old use the present document; this statement, these words, etc.
[13c: from Latin praesens , praesentis ]
at present now.
for the present for the time being.

present pronunciación 2
verb (presented , presenting )
1 to give or award something, especially formally or ceremonially presented them with gold medals .
2 to introduce (a person), especially formally.
3 to introduce or compère (a TV or radio show).
4 to stage (a play), show (a film), etc.
5 to offer something for consideration; to submit.
6 to pose; to set shouldn't present any problem .
7 said of an idea: to suggest (itself).
8 to hand over (a cheque) for acceptance or (a bill) for payment.
9 to set out something presents her work neatly .
10 to depict or represent something or someone.
11 to put on (a specified appearance) in public.
12 to offer (one's compliments) formally.
13 to hold (a weapon) in aiming position. See also present arms below.
14 intr , med
a to report to a doctor with certain symptoms or signs;
b said of an illness, disease, etc: to manifest.
15 intr , obstetrics said of a baby's head or buttocks in childbirth: to be in a position to emerge first.
[13c: from French presenter , from Latin praesentare to place before]
present arms to hold a rifle or other weapon vertically in front of one as a salute.
present oneself to appear in person.

present pronunciación 3
noun something given; a gift.
[13c: French, from the phrase mettre une chose en présent à quelqu'un to put something in the presence of someone, hence to offer as a gift to someone]

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