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1 capable of being done, used or successfully carried out; feasible.
2 said eg of a road: fit for use.
[17c: from French pratiquer to practise; see practical]
practicability or practicableness noun .
practicably adverb .

practicable, practical Both words mean -able to be done, used, etc-, and a plan (for example) can be said to be practical or practicable. But practical has the further connotation of -efficient, sensible, useful- and is therefore more judgemental; it can also be applied to people, whereas practicable can not: It is perfectly practicable to make the journey by car. They stood by to offer advice and practical assistance. He was clever enough, but somehow he wasn't practical with it.

practical pronunciación
1 concerned with or involving action rather than theory put her knowledge to practical use .
2 effective, or capable of being effective, in actual use.
3 said eg of clothes: designed for tough or everyday use; sensibly plain.
4 said of a person:
a sensible and efficient in deciding and acting;
b good at doing manual jobs.
5 in effect; virtual a practical walkover .
noun a practical lesson or examination, eg in a scientific subject.
[17c: from Greek praktikos , from prassein to do]
practicality noun (practicalities ).

practical joke
noun a trick or prank which is played on someone.
practical joker noun .

practically pronunciación
1 almost; very nearly.
2 in a practical manner.

practice pronunciación
1 the process of carrying something out put ideas into practice .
2 a habit, activity, procedure or custom Don't make a practice of it!
3 repeated exercise to improve technique in an art or sport, etc.
4 the business or clientele of a doctor, dentist, lawyer, etc.
[16c: from practise]
be in or out of practice to have maintained, or failed to maintain, one's skill in an art or sport, etc.

practice, practise In British English, practice is the spelling of the noun, and practise the verb. American English uses practice for both.

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