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power pronunciación
1 control and influence exercised over others.
2 strength, vigour, force or effectiveness.
3 (usu in compounds ) military strength sea power air power .
4 the physical ability, skill, opportunity or authority to do something.
5 an individual faculty or skill the power of speech .
6 a right, privilege or responsibility the power of arrest .
7 political control.
8 (also in compounds ) a state that has an influential role in international affairs superpower .
9 a person or group exercising control or influence.
10 colloq a great deal The rest did her a power of good .
11 (often in compounds ) any form of energy, especially when used as the driving force for a machine nuclear power .
12 maths a less technical term for an exponent (sense 3).
13 physics the rate of doing work or converting energy from one form into another.
14 mechanical or electrical energy, as distinct from manual effort.
15 optics a measure of the extent to which a lens, optical instrument or curved mirror can deviate light rays and so magnify an image of an object.
16 in the traditional medieval hierarchy of nine ranks of angels: an angel of the sixth rank.
as adjective power tools .
verb (powered , powering )
1 (also in compounds ) to supply something with power wind-powered .
2 tr & intr , colloq to move or cause something to move with great force, energy or speed.
[13c: from French poer , from Latin posse to be able]
in power elected; holding office when Labour is in power .
the powers that be the people who are in control or in authority.
power something up to recharge its power supply (especially that of a laptop computer) by attaching it to the mains electricity supply.

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