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pour pronunciación
verb (poured , pouring )
1 tr & intr to flow or cause something to flow in a downward stream.
2 tr & intr said of a jug, teapot, etc: to discharge (liquid) in a certain way doesn't pour very well .
3 (also pour something out) to serve (a drink, etc) by pouring Pour me some tea .
4 intr to rain heavily.
5 intr (usu pour in or out) to come or go in large numbers.
6 tr & intr to give, emit, issue, etc freely or in large amounts Words poured from her pen poured all his savings into the company .
7 (usu pour oneself into something) to squeeze oneself into (an item of clothing which fits very tightly).
pourer noun .
it never rains but it pours things, especially pieces of bad luck, etc, seldom come along unaccompanied by others.
pour cold water on something to be discouraging or deprecatory about (an idea, scheme, etc).
pour scorn on something to be contemptuous about it.
pour something out to give vent to it without inhibition poured out her feelings .

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