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pound pronunciación 1
1 (symbol £) the standard unit of currency of the UK. Also called pound sterling.
2 the English name for the principal currency unit in several other countries, including Cyprus and Egypt.
3 (abbreviation lb) a measure of weight equal to 16 ounces (0.45kg) avoirdupois, or 12 ounces (0.37kg) troy.
[Anglo-Saxon pund ]

pound pronunciación 2
1 an enclosure where stray animals or illegally parked cars that have been taken into police charge are kept for collection.
2 a place where people are confined.
verb (pounded , pounding ) to enclose or confine something in a pound.
[Anglo-Saxon pund- used in compounds to mean -enclosure-]

pound pronunciación 3
verb (pounded , pounding )
1 tr & intr (often pound on or at something) to beat or bang it vigorously pounding on the door .
2 intr to walk or run with heavy thudding steps.
3 to crush or grind something to a powder.
4 to thump or beat, especially with the fists pounded him senseless .
5 said of the heart: to beat with heavy thumping pulses, especially through excitement, fear, etc.
[Anglo-Saxon punian ]

pound cake
noun a type of rich fruit cake that originally was made with a pound each of fruit, flour, butter, sugar, etc, now any cake made with a pound of each ingredient.

pound of flesh
noun (usu get or have one's pound of flesh) what is strictly speaking due in the fulfilment of a bargain even if it means causing unreasonable suffering or difficulties to the other party.
[16c: from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice IV.i, in which a pound of flesh is stipulated as a penalty in a bargain]

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