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pose pronunciación
1 a position or attitude of the body a relaxed pose .
2 an artificial way of behaving, adopted for effect His cynicism is just a pose .
verb (posed , posing )
1 tr & intr to take up a position oneself, or position (someone else), for a photograph, portrait, etc.
2 intr , derog to behave in an exaggerated or artificial way so as to draw attention to oneself.
3 intr (usu pose as someone or something) to pretend to be someone or something that one is not The undercover detective posed as a drug addict to infiltrate the gang of dealers .
4 to ask or put forward (a question).
5 to cause (a problem, etc) or present (a threat, etc).
[16c in verb sense 4; 15c in obsolete sense -to suppose-: from French poser , from Latin pausare to cease or pause, but influenced by Latin ponere to place]
strike a pose to adopt a position or attitude, especially a commanding or impressive one.

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