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1 a sharp explosive noise, like that of a cork coming out of a bottle.
2 colloq any sweet non-alcoholic fizzy drink.
verb (popped , popping )
1 tr & intr to make or cause something to make a pop.
2 tr & intr to burst with a pop.
3 (esp pop out or up) to spring out or up; to protrude.
4 intr , colloq to go quickly in a direction specified I'll just pop next door for a second .
5 colloq to put something somewhere quickly or briefly just pop it in the oven .
6 slang to pawn.
7 drug-taking slang to take or inject (a drug).
adverb with a pop.
[16c as verb 1; 14c in obsolete sense -to knock-: imitating the sound]
pop the question humorous, colloq to propose marriage.
pop off colloq
1 to leave quickly or suddenly.
2 to die.
pop up to appear or occur, especially unexpectedly. See also pop-up.

noun (in full pop music) a type of music which is primarily melody-driven and commercial, usually with a strong beat and characterized by its use of electronic instruments.
adjective popular pop culture .
[19c, as a shortening of -popular concert-]
poppy adjective .

noun , colloq, esp N Am
1 father; dad.
2 often as a form of address: an elderly man.
[19c; see papa]

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