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political pronunciación
1 relating or belonging to government or public affairs.
2 relating to politics.
3 interested or involved in politics.
4 said of a course of action: made in the interests of gaining or keeping power.
5 said of a map: showing political and social structure rather than physical features.
politically adverb .

political asylum
noun protection given by a country to refugees fleeing a foreign country for political reasons.

political correctness
noun (abbreviation PC) the avoidance of expressions or actions that may be understood to exclude or denigrate certain people or groups of people on the grounds of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, etc.
politically correct adjective .

political correctness Rightly or wrongly, many expressions that were generally considered inoffensive in the past are now deemed unacceptable by many people. 1. sexism || Words ending in -ess should be used with caution. Many, such as authoress and manageress , are no longer used; a few, such as Jewess and Negress , are considered offensive. || Avoid using man and men to refer to both men and women. Instead, use people , humans or human beings . Compounds that include -man- should be replaced by sex-neutral terms: synthetic instead of man-made , working hours instead of manhours , representative instead of spokesman . || It is rarely necessary to specify a person's sex when referring to the job they do. Avoid terms such as lady doctor , woman judge and female reporter. Equally, terms such as male nurse should be avoided. 2. physical and mental capability || Avoid the terms handicap and handicapped; their association with the image of disabled people going -cap in hand- onto the streets of Victorian Britain makes them nowadays unacceptable to people with disabilities. The term disabled, and terms such as blind and deaf, are all perfectly acceptable, but avoid referring to disabled people as the disabled or the blind. For disabled people, such terms connect too closely with the idea of charity. Instead use -people with a disability-, etc. || Although the word challenged is common in North America, in compounds that refer to particular disabilities (such as visually challenged to mean blind or partially sighted ), it tends to be avoided in the UK, where it has become the supreme satirical tool of those who lampoon the whole concept of political correctness.

political prisoner
noun someone imprisoned for their political beliefs, activities, etc, usually because they differ from those of the government.

political science
noun the study of politics and government, in terms of its principles, aims, methods, etc.

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