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Polish pronunciación
adjective belonging or relating to Poland, a republic in Central Europe, its inhabitants, or their language.
noun the official language of Poland.

polish pronunciación
verb (polishes , polished , polishing )
1 (also polish something up) to make it smooth and glossy by rubbing polishing my shoes .
2 intr to become smooth and glossy by rubbing.
3 (also polish up something or polish up on something) to improve or perfect it She tried to polish up her communication skills before the interview .
4 tr & intr to make cultivated, refined or elegant Henrietta polished her vowels before the speech day .
noun (polishes )
1 (also in compounds ) a substance used for polishing surfaces boot polish .
2 a smooth shiny finish; a gloss Look at the polish on the sideboard!
3 an act of polishing.
4 refinement or elegance.
[13c: from French polir , from Latin polire ]
polisher noun .
polish off something or polish something off to finish it quickly and completely They polished off the sausage rolls between them Matt polished his essay off before playing football .

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