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point pronunciación
1 a sharp or tapering end or tip.
2 a dot, eg inserted (either on the line or above it) before a decimal fraction, as in 2.1 or ·1 ( two point one ).
3 a punctuation mark, especially a full stop.
4 geom a position found by means of coordinates.
5 (often in compounds ) a position, place or location a lookout point .
6 a moment Sandy lost his temper at that point .
7 a stage in a process, etc.
8 in compounds a stage, temperature, etc boiling point .
9 the right moment for doing something She lost courage when it came to the point .
10 a feature or characteristic She always hides her good points .
11 in a statement, argument, etc: a detail, fact or particular used or mentioned.
12 aim or intention What is the point of this procedure?
13 use or value There's no point in trying to change her mind .
14 the significance (of a remark, story, joke, etc).
15 a unit or mark in scoring.
16 any of the 32 directions marked on, or indicated by, a compass.
17 (often points) an adjustable tapering rail by means of which a train changes lines.
18 elec a socket or power point.
19 (usu points) in an internal-combustion engine: either of the two electrical contacts which complete the circuit in the distributor.
20 printing (often in compounds ) a unit of type measurement, equal to 1/12 of a pica1 set in eight point .
21 cricket an off-side fielding position at right angles to the batsman.
22 (usu points) ballet
a the tip of the toe;
b a block inserted into the toe of a ballet shoe.
23 a headland or promontory. Often in place names Lizard Point .
24 (usu points) any of an animal's extremities, eg ears, tail and feet.
25 the tip of a deer's horn or antler.
26 any of the penalty points recorded on a driver's licence as punishment for a motoring offence, which lead to a ban when a set total is reached.
verb (pointed , pointing )
1 to aim something The hitman pointed a gun at her .
2 tr & intr
a to extend (one's finger or a pointed object) towards someone or something, so as to direct attention there;
b said of a sign, etc: to indicate (a certain direction) a weather vane pointing south .
3 intr to extend or face in a certain direction He lay on the floor with his toes pointing upward .
4 intr said of a gun dog: to stand with the nose turned to where the dead game lies.
5 often facetious to direct someone Just point me to the grub .
6 (usu point to something or someone) to indicate or suggest it or them It points to one solution .
7 in dancing, etc: to extend (the toes) to form a point.
8 to fill gaps or cracks in (stonework or brickwork) with cement or mortar.
[13c: French, from Latin punctum a dot, from pungere to pierce]
pointy adjective (pointier , pointiest ) colloq pointed in shape.
beside the point irrelevant. Compare to the point below.
carry or gain one's point to persuade others of the validity of one's opinion.
come or get to the point to cut out the irrelevancies and say what one wants to say thought he would never get to the point .
in point of fact actually; in truth.
make a point of doing something to be sure of doing it or take care to do it.
make one's point to state one's opinion forcefully.
on the point of doing something about to do it.
score points off someone to argue cleverly and successfully against them, usually on trivial or detailed grounds.
to the point relevant. Compare beside the point above.
to the point of?to a degree that could be fairly described as? Ronald is brave to the point of recklessness .
up to a point to a limited degree I agree with you up to a point .
point something out to indicate or draw attention to it.
point something up to highlight or emphasize it.

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