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plough pronunciación or (N Am) plow
1 a bladed farm implement used to turn over the surface of the soil and bury stubble, weeds, etc, in preparation for the cultivation of a crop.
2 any similar implement, especially a snowplough.
3 hunting , etc ploughed land.
verb (ploughed , ploughing ; N Am plowed , plowing )
1 (also plough something up) to till or turn over (soil, land, etc) with a plough.
2 intr to make a furrow or to turn over the surface of the soil with a plough.
3 intr (usu plough through something)
a to move through it with a ploughing action a boat ploughing through the waves ;
b colloq to make steady but laborious progress with it.
4 intr (usu plough into something) colloq said of a vehicle or its driver: to crash into it at speed ploughed into the back of the lorry .
5 Brit colloq, old use
a to fail (a candidate in an examination);
b intr said of a candidate: to fail an examination.
[Anglo-Saxon plog or ploh ]
plough a lonely furrow to be separated from friends and associates and go one's own way.
put one's hand to the plough to begin an undertaking.
plough something back to reinvest (the profits of a business) in that business.
plough on colloq to continue with something although progress is laborious.

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