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plate pronunciación
1 (also in compounds ) a shallow dish, especially one made of earthenware or porcelain, for serving food on side plate dinner plate .
2 a the amount held by this; a plateful;
b a portion served on a plate.
3 (also collection plate) a shallow vessel in which to take the collection in church.
4 a sheet of metal, glass or other rigid material.
5 (often in compounds ) a flat piece of metal, plastic, etc inscribed with a name, etc nameplate bookplate .
6 gold and silver vessels or cutlery.
7 a a gold or silver cup as the prize in a horse race, etc;
b a race or contest for such a prize.
8 a thin coating of gold, silver or tin applied to a base metal. Also called plating .
9 an illustration on glossy paper in a book.
10 photog a sheet of glass prepared with a light-sensitive coating for receiving an image.
11 a a sheet of metal with an image engraved on it;
b a print taken from one of these.
12 any of various surfaces set up with type ready for printing.
13 a a rigid plastic fitting to which false teeth are attached;
b a denture.
14 geol any of the rigid sections that make up the Earth's crust.
15 anat a thin flat piece of bone or horn.
16 baseball a five-sided white slab at the home base; the home plate.
17 (plates, originally plates of meat) rhyming slang the feet.
18 building a horizontal supporting timber.
verb (plated , plating )
1 to coat (a base metal) with a thin layer of a precious one.
2 to cover something with metal plates.
[13c: from French plate (feminine) something flat and plat (masculine) dish]
plater see separate entry.
hand or give someone something on a plate colloq to present them with it without their having to make the least effort.
have a lot or much on one's plate colloq to have a great deal of work, commitments, etc.

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