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plane pronunciación 1
noun an aeroplane.
[Early 20c: short form]

plane pronunciación 2
1 maths a flat surface, either real or imaginary, such that a straight line joining any two points lies entirely on it.
2 a level surface.
3 a level or standard on a higher intellectual plane .
1 flat; level.
2 having the character of a plane.
3 maths lying in one plane a plane figure plane geometry .
verb (planed , planing ) intr
1 said of a boat: to skim over the surface of the water.
2 said of a bird: to wheel or soar with the wings motionless.
[17c: from Latin planum level surface]
planar adjective
1 relating to a plane.
2 lying in a single plane.
3 flat.
planeness noun .

plane pronunciación 3
noun a carpenter's tool for smoothing wood by shaving away unevennesses.
verb (planed , planing )
1 (also plane something down) to smooth (a surface, especially wood) with a plane.
2 (usu plane something off or away) to remove it from a surface with a plane.
[14c: French, from Latin planare to smooth]
planer noun
1 someone who uses a plane.
2 a tool or machine for planing.

plane pronunciación 4
noun any of various large deciduous trees with pendulous bur-like fruits and thin bark which is shed in large flakes, revealing creamy or pink patches on the trunk. Also called plane tree.
[14c: French, from Latin platanus , from Greek platanos , from platys broad]

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