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Lengua inglesa
plan pronunciación
1 a thought-out arrangement or method for doing something.
2 (usu plans) intentions What are your plans for today?
3 a sketch, outline, scheme or set of guidelines.
4 (often in compounds ) a large-scale detailed drawing or diagram of a floor of a house, the streets of a town, etc done as though viewed from above floor plan street plan .
verb (planned , planning )
1 (also plan for something) to devise a scheme for it.
2 (also plan for something) to make preparations or arrangements for it.
3 intr to prepare; to make plans plan ahead .
4 (also plan on something) to intend or expect it.
5 to draw up plans for (eg a building); to design.
[17c: French, meaning -ground plan-, from Latin planus flat]
not plan on or for something not to reckon on or allow for it; to be surprised or embarrassed by it had not planned on all of them coming when I ordered the wine .

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