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noun (pl plaice )
1 a flatfish that has a brown upper surface covered with bright orange spots, and is an important food fish.
2 N Am any of several related fishes.
[13c: from French plais , from Latin platessa flatfish]

1 tartan cloth.
2 a long piece of woollen cloth worn over the shoulder, usually tartan and worn with a kilt as part of Scottish Highland dress, or checked as formerly worn by Lowland shepherds.
adjective with a tartan pattern or in tartan colours plaid trousers .
[16c: from Gaelic plaide blanket]

Plaid Cymru
noun the Welsh nationalist party.
[1940s: Welsh, meaning -party of Wales-]

plain pronunciación
1 all of one colour; unpatterned; undecorated.
2 simple; unsophisticated; without improvement, embellishment or pretensions plain food not Dr or Professor, just plain Mr .
3 obvious; clear.
4 straightforward; direct plain language plain dealing .
5 frank; open.
6 said of a person: lacking beauty.
7 sheer; downright plain selfishness .
1 a large area of relatively smooth flat land without significant hills or valleys.
2 knitting the simpler of two basic stitches, with the wool passed round the front of the needle. See also purl1.
adverb utterly; quite just plain stupid .
[13c: French, from Latin planus level]
plainly adverb .
plainness noun .
plain as a pikestaff all too obvious.

plain chocolate
noun dark-coloured chocolate made without milk.

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