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pitch pronunciación 1
verb (pitches , pitched , pitching )
1 to set up (a tent or camp).
2 to throw or fling.
3 tr & intr to fall or make someone or something fall heavily forward.
4 intr said of a ship: to plunge and lift alternately at bow and stern.
5 tr & intr said of a roof: to slope is pitched at a steep angle .
6 to give a particular musical pitch to (one's voice or a note) in singing or playing, or to set (a song, etc) at a higher or lower level within a possible range The tune is pitched too high for me .
7 to choose a level, eg of difficulty, sophistication, etc at which to present (a talk, etc) was pitched too low for this audience .
8 to attempt to interest someone in an idea, product, etc How are you going to pitch your scheme to the board?
9 a cricket to bowl (the ball) so that it lands at a certain place;
b golf to hit (the ball) high and gently, so that it stays where it is on landing;
c tr & intr , baseball to throw the ball to the batter.
10 to pave (a road) with stones set on end or on edge.
noun (pitches )
1 the field or area of play in any of several sports.
2 an act or style of pitching or throwing.
3 a degree of intensity; a level reached such a pitch of excitement .
4 a the angle of steepness of a slope;
b such a slope.
5 music the degree of highness or lowness of a note that results from the frequency of the vibrations producing it.
6 a street trader's station.
7 a line in sales talk, especially one often made use of.
8 the distance between teeth on a saw, toothed wheel, etc, or between threads on a screw.
9 the plunging and rising motion of a ship.
10 the angle between the chord of the blade of a propeller and the plane of rotation.
[13c in the form picchen to throw or put up]
pitcher see separate entry.
queer someone's pitch see queer.
pitch in colloq
1 to begin enthusiastically.
2 to join in; to make a contribution.
pitch into someone colloq to rebuke or blame them angrily.

pitch pronunciación 2
noun (pitches )
1 a thick black sticky substance obtained from coal tar, used for filling ships' seams, etc.
2 any of various bituminous substances.
3 in papermaking: a mixture of residues that interferes with paper quality.
verb (pitches , pitched , pitching ) to coat or treat something with pitch.
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