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pipe pronunciación 1
1 a tubular conveyance for water, gas, oil, etc.
2 a a little bowl with a hollow stem for smoking tobacco, etc;
b a quantity of tobacco smoked in one of these.
3 a wind instrument consisting of a simple wooden or metal tube.
4 (the pipes) the bagpipes.
5 any of the vertical metal tubes through which sound is produced on an organ.
6 a boatswain's whistle.
7 a pipe-like vent forming part of a volcano.
8 a cylindrical quantity of ore, etc.
9 old use or in compounds any of the air passages in an animal's body the windpipe .
verb (piped , piping )
1 to convey (gas, water, oil, etc) through pipes.
2 tr & intr to play on a pipe or the pipes .
3 (also pipe someone or something in) to welcome or convey with music from a pipe or the bagpipes piped in the haggis .
4 tr & intr said of a child: to speak or say in a small shrill voice.
5 intr to sing shrilly as a bird does.
6 a to use a bag with a nozzle in order to force (icing or cream, etc from the bag) into long strings for decorating a cake, dessert, etc;
b to make (designs, etc) on a cake, etc by this means.
[Anglo-Saxon: from Latin pipare to chirp or play a pipe]
piper see separate entry.
put that in your pipe and smoke it! colloq think about that and see how you like it!
pipe down colloq to stop talking; to be quiet Will you please pipe down!
pipe up to speak unexpectedly, breaking a silence, etc.

pipe pronunciación 2
1 a cask or butt of varying capacity, but usually about 105 gallons in Britain, used for wine or oil.
2 a measure of this amount.
[14c: French, meaning -cask-]

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