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pink pronunciación 1
1 a light or pale-red colour, between red and white.
2 a plant, eg a carnation or sweet william, which has grass-like bluish-green leaves and fragrant flowers with spreading toothed or slightly frilled pink, red, white, purple, yellow, orange or variegated petals.
3 a scarlet hunting coat or its colour.
4 the highest point; the acme in the pink of condition .
5 a person of mildly left-wing views. Compare red ( noun 7).
1 having, being or referring to the colour pink.
2 slightly left-wing.
3 of or relating to homosexuals the pink pound .
[16c as noun 2]
pinkish adjective .
pinkness noun .
pinky see separate entry.
in the pink colloq in the best of health.

pink pronunciación 2
verb (pinked , pinking ) to cut (cloth) with a notched or serrated edge that frays less readily than a straight edge. See also pinking shears.
[Anglo-Saxon pyngan to prick]

pink pronunciación 3
verb (pinked , pinking ) intr said of a vehicle engine: to knock ( verb 7).
[Early 20c: imitating the sound made]

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