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PIN pronunciación see personal identification number

pin pronunciación
1 a short slender implement with a sharp point and small round head, usually made of stainless steel, for fastening, attaching, etc, and used especially in dressmaking.
2 in compounds any of several fastening devices consisting of or incorporating a slender metal or wire shaft hatpin safety pin .
3 a narrow brooch.
4 in compounds any of several cylindrical wooden or metal objects with various functions a rolling pin .
5 a peg of any of various kinds.
6 any or either of the cylindrical or square-sectioned legs on an electric plug.
7 a club-shaped object set upright for toppling with a ball ten-pin bowling .
8 the clip on a grenade, that is removed before it is thrown.
9 golf the metal shaft of the flag marking a hole.
10 (pins) colloq one's legs shaky on my pins .
11 old use the least bit doesn't care a pin .
verb (pinned , pinning )
1 (also pin something together, back, up, etc ) to secure it with a pin.
2 to make a small hole in something.
3 (pin something on someone) colloq to put the blame for (a crime or offence) on them.
4 to put someone in a position where they cannot move pinned to the ground by sniper fire .
5 chess to cause an opponent's piece to be unable to move without exposing a more valuable piece to attack.
[Anglo-Saxon pinn : from Latin pinna point]
for two pins colloq very readily; if given the smallest reason or encouragement, etc For two pins, I'd come along with you .
pin one's hopes or faith on something or someone to rely on or trust in them entirely.
pin someone down to force a commitment or definite expression of opinion from them.
pin something down to identify or define it precisely.
pin something or someone down to hold them fast or trap them pinned the escaping prisoner down on the ground .

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