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pile pronunciación 2
noun a heavy wooden shaft, stone or concrete pillar, etc driven into the ground as a support for a building, bridge, etc.
[Anglo-Saxon pil , from Latin pilum javelin]

pile pronunciación 3
1 the raised cropped threads that give a soft thick surface to carpeting, velvet, etc.
2 soft fine hair, fur, wool, etc.
[15c: from Latin pilus hair]

noun a machine for driving piles (see pile2) into the ground.

noun (pile-ups ) a vehicle collision in which following vehicles also crash, causing a number of collisions.

plural noun haemorrhoids.
[14c: from Latin pila ball]

pileus pronunciación
noun (pilei ) bot the cap-shaped part of a mushroom, toadstool or other fungus.
[18c: Latin, from pilleus a felt cap]

pilfer pronunciación
verb (pilfered , pilfering ) tr & intr to steal in small quantities.
[14c: from French pelfre booty]
pilferage or pilfering noun petty theft.
pilferer noun .

pilgrim pronunciación
1 someone who makes a journey to a holy place as an act of reverence and religious faith.
2 a traveller.
a belonging or relating to a pilgrim pilgrim staff ;
b like a pilgrim pilgrim spirit .
[12c in the form pelegrim , pilegrim : from Latin peregrinus foreigner or stranger]

pilgrimage pronunciación
1 a journey to a holy place, undertaken as a means of affirming one's faith, etc.
2 a journey to a place associated with a revered person, cause, etc Elvis fans making their pilgrimage to Graceland .
verb (pilgrimaged , pilgrimaging ) intr to go on a pilgrimage.

noun the national language of the Philippines, a standardized version of Tagálog.
adjective relating to, or spoken or written in, Pilipino.
[1930s: from Spanish Filipino Philippine]

pill pronunciación
1 a small ball or tablet of medicine, for swallowing.
2 (the pill) any of various oral contraceptives.
[15c: from Latin pila ball]
be on the pill to take oral contraceptives regularly.
sugar or sweeten the pill to make something that is unpleasant easier to accept or cope with.

pillage pronunciación
verb (pillaged , pillaging ) tr & intr to plunder or loot.
1 the act of pillaging.
2 loot, plunder or booty.
[14c: from French piller ]
pillager noun .

pillar pronunciación
1 a vertical post of wood, stone, metal or concrete serving as a support to a main structure; a column.
2 any slender vertical mass of something, eg of smoke, rock, etc.
3 a strong and reliable supporter of a particular cause or organization He is a pillar of the village community .
[13c: from French piler , from Latin pila pillar]
from pillar to post from one place to another, especially moving between these in desperation, frustration, etc The press hounded him from pillar to post
[15c in the form from post to pillar , derived from real tennis and referring to the way the ball is sent wildly about the court].

pillar box see under letter box

pillar-box red
noun a bright red colour, the colour of most British pillar boxes.
as adjective (pillar-box-red) a pillar-box-red hat .

1 a small round container for pills.
2 mil a small, usually circular, concrete shelter for use as a lookout post and gun emplacement.
3 a small round flat-topped hat.

noun a seat for a passenger on a motorcycle or horse, behind the driver or rider.
as adjective pillion rider pillion seat .
adverb on a pillion to ride pillion .
[16c: from Scottish Gaelic pillinn or Irish Gaelic pillín , diminutive of peall skin or blanket]

noun , Brit slang a stupid or foolish person.
[1960s; 16c in N Eng dialect, meaning -penis-: from Norwegian dialect pillicock penis]

noun (pillories ) hist a wooden frame with holes for the hands and head, into which wrongdoers were locked as a punishment and publicly ridiculed.
verb (pillories , pilloried , pillorying )
1 to hold someone up to public ridicule.
2 to put someone in a pillory.
[13c: from French pilori ]

pillow pronunciación
1 a cushion for the head, especially a large rectangular one on a bed.
2 anything that resembles a pillow in shape, feel or function.
verb (pillowed , pillowing )
1 to rest (one's head) as though on a pillow pillowed her head on her arms .
2 to serve as a pillow for someone.
[Anglo-Saxon pylwe : from Latin pulvinus cushion]

pillow lace
noun lace worked over a cushion-like support, using bobbins.

pillow talk
noun conversation with a sexual partner in bed.

pillowcase or pillowslip
noun a removable washable cover for a pillow.

pillpopper or pillhead
noun , slang a regular taker of sedative or stimulant pills or both, particularly an addict of these.

pilose pronunciación
adjective , biol said especially of plants: having hairs.
[18c: from Latin pilosus , from pilus hair]
pilosity noun .

pilot pronunciación
1 someone who flies an aircraft, hovercraft, spacecraft, etc.
2 someone employed to conduct or steer ships into and out of harbour.
3 someone who is qualified to act as pilot.
4 a guide.
5 mech a device that guides a tool or machine part.
adjective said of a scheme, programme, test, etc: serving as a preliminary test which may be modified before the final version is put into effect; experimental a pilot project .
verb (piloted , piloting )
1 to act as pilot to someone.
2 to direct, guide or steer (a project, etc).
3 to subject (a scheme, programme, etc) to a preliminary test.
[16c: from French pillote , from Italian pilota , earlier pedota , from Greek pedon oar]

pilot fish
noun a fish that accompanies ships and sharks, etc.

pilot house
noun the wheelhouse.

pilot jacket
noun a pea jacket.

pilot light
1 a small permanent gas flame, eg on a gas cooker, that ignites the main burners when they are turned on.
2 an indicator light on an electrical apparatus showing when it is switched on.


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