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piece pronunciación
1 a portion of some material; a bit.
2 any of the sections into which something (eg a cake) is divided; a portion taken from a whole.
3 a component part a jigsaw piece .
4 a an item in a set;
b usu as adj an 18-piece teaset a 3-piece suite .
5 an individual member of a class of things represented by a collective noun a piece of fruit a piece of clothing .
6 a specimen or example of something a fine piece of Chippendale .
7 an instance a piece of nonsense .
8 a musical, artistic, literary or dramatic work.
9 an article in a newspaper, etc.
10 a coin a 50 pence piece pieces of eight .
11 chess one of the tokens or men used in a board game.
12 a cannon or firearm.
13 offens, colloq a woman.
14 Scot
a a snack or meal, such as a sandwich, biscuit etc;
b a piece of bread with butter, jam, etc.
verb (pieced , piecing )
1 (piece something or things together) to join it or them together to form a whole.
2 (piece something up) to patch or insert pieces into (a garment).
[13c in the form pece : from French piece ]
all in one piece undamaged, unhurt, intact returned from her travels, all in one piece .
all of a piece forming an indivisible whole.
a piece of one's mind a frank and outspoken reprimand.
go to pieces colloq to lose emotional control; to panic.
in pieces
1 separated into a number of component parts.
2 broken; shattered.
of a piece with something consistent or uniform with it.
say one's piece to make one's contribution to a discussion.
to pieces
1 into its component parts take to pieces .
2 into fragments, shreds, tatters, etc falling to pieces .

pièce de résistance (pièces de résistance )
1 the best or most impressive item.
2 the main dish of a meal.
[19c: French]

piece of eight
noun (pieces of eight ) an old Spanish gold coin worth eight reals.

piece of piss
noun , coarse slang something that is easy, simple, etc.

piece of work
noun (pieces of work )
1 something that has been done or made His essay was a magnificent piece of work .
2 colloq a person a nasty piece of work .

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