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pick pronunciación 1
verb (picked , picking )
1 tr & intr (sometimes pick on someone or something) to choose or select them or it.
2 to detach and gather (flowers from a plant, fruit from a tree, etc).
3 to open (a lock) with a device other than a key, often to gain unauthorized entry.
4 to get, take or extract whatever is of use or value from something pick a bone clean pick someone's brains .
5 to steal money or valuables from (someone's pocket). See also pickpocket.
6 to undo; to unpick pick a dress to pieces .
7 to make (a hole) by unpicking.
8 to remove pieces of matter from (one's nose, teeth, a scab, etc) with one's fingernails, etc.
9 intr (often pick at something)
a to eat only small quantities of (one's food);
b to keep pulling at (a scab, etc) with one's fingernails.
10 to provoke (a fight, quarrel, etc) with someone.
1 the best of a group the pick of the bunch .
2 one's own preferred selection.
have or take one's pick to keep selecting and rejecting until one is satisfied.
pick and choose to be over-fussy in one's choice.
pick someone's brains to ask someone for information, ideas, etc and then use it as your own.
pick holes in something to find fault with it.
pick one's way to go carefully so as to avoid hazards picked her way through the jungle .
pick someone or something to pieces to criticize them or it severely.
pick someone up on something to point out their error.
pick up speed to increase speed or accelerate gradually.
pick up the pieces to have to restore things to normality or make things better after some trouble or disaster.
pick people or things off
1 to shoot them picked the snipers off one by one .
2 to deal with (opposition) bit by bit.
pick on someone
1 to blame them unfairly.
2 to bully them.
3 to choose them for an unpleasant job.
pick someone out
1 to select them from a group.
2 to recognize or distinguish them among a group or crowd.
pick something out
1 to play (a tune) uncertainly, especially by ear.
2 to mark it so as to distinguish it from its surroundings beige walls with the picture rail picked out in brown .
pick something over to examine (a collection of things) one by one and reject whatever is unwanted.
pick up said of a person, a person's health, or a situation: to recover or improve She picked up after seeing you Sales have picked up now .
pick up or pick something up to resume pick up where one left off pick up the threads of a relationship pick up the trail .
pick oneself up to restore oneself to one's former position after a fall or setback.
pick someone up
1 to arrest or seize them was picked up by the police .
2 to go and fetch them from where they are waiting I'll pick you up at the station at 6pm .
3 to stop one's vehicle for them and give them a lift picked up a hitchhiker .
4 colloq to approach them and successfully invite them, eg to go home with one, especially with a view to sexual relations. See also pick-up.
pick something up
1 to lift or raise it from a surface, from the ground, etc.
2 to learn or acquire (a habit, skill, language, etc) over a time.
3 to notice or become aware of it picked up a faint odour .
4 to obtain or acquire it casually, by chance, etc pick up a bargain pick up an infection .
5 to go and fetch (something waiting to be collected).
6 telecomm to receive (a signal, programme, etc).
7 to refer back in conversation or discourse to (a point previously made), in order to deal with it further.
8 colloq to agree to pay (a bill, etc) pick up the tab .

pick pronunciación 2
1 a tool with a long metal head pointed at one or both ends, for breaking ground, rock, ice, etc.
2 a poking or cleaning tool a toothpick .
3 a plectrum.
[14c, probably related to pike2]

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