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person pronunciación
noun (persons or in sense 1 also people )
1 an individual human being.
2 the body, often including clothes A knife was found hidden on his person .
3 grammar each of the three classes into which pronouns and verb forms fall, first person denoting the speaker (or the speaker and others, eg I and we ), second person the person addressed (with or without others, eg you ) and third person the person(s) or thing(s) spoken of (eg she , he , it or they ).
4 (Person) Christianity any of the three forms or manifestations of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) that together form the Trinity (see trinity, sense 3).
5 in compounds used instead of -man , -woman , etc to denote a specified activity or office, avoiding illegal or unnecessary discrimination on grounds of sex, eg in job advertisements chairperson spokesperson . Compare chairman, chairwoman , etc .
[13c: from French persone , from Latin persona actor's mask]
be no respecter of persons to make no allowances for rank or status.
in person
1 actually present oneself was there in person .
2 doing something oneself, not asking or allowing others to do it for one.

noun (personae or personas )
1 a character in fiction, especially in a play or novel.
2 in Jungian psychology: one's character as one presents it to the world, masking one's inner thoughts, feelings, etc. Compare anima. See also persona grata, persona non grata.
[Early 20c: Latin, meaning -an actor's mask-]

persona grata
noun (personae gratae ) a person who is acceptable, liked or favoured, especially one who is diplomatically acceptable to a foreign government. Compare persona non grata.
[19c: Latin, meaning -a welcome person-]

persona non grata (personae non gratae )
noun someone who is not wanted or welcome within a particular group. Compare persona grata.
[20c: Latin, meaning -unwelcome person-]

adjective good-looking or likeable.
personableness noun .
personably adverb .

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